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Location-Based Solutions

1) Location Based Marketing

The world is developing and changing at a dizzying pace in marketing as in every field. The change is not only the change but also its acceleration rate. This situation offers two different options to today's companies; either they will adapt to this change and development by integrating the developing technology to their companies or they will disappear every day by losing blood.


Nowadays, the classic marketing strategies for companies are losing their functionality and they are not enough to provide the right communication with their target groups. At this point, it is not an option to apply new marketing methods and build marketing strategies on these methods. Brave companies that use their imagination and current technological innovations will be one step ahead of others in order to protect and develop their existing market shares.


How does the system work?


“With Kayten's Location-Based Marketing Solution

Reach the Right Audience, in the Right Place, and at the Right Time”


Location-based marketing is a marketing platform that enables you to reach your target audience in the right place and at the right time.


Kayten's location-based marketing platform has an integrated structure consisting of 3 main components:


1-   Proximity Desk: It is a cloud-based service management solution where marketing professionals can manage services, create and publish their campaigns and contents, and determine the area where they operate. 


2-   kBeacon: Designed by Kayten, developed and manufactured in Turkey these small devices are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based signal emitters.


3-   Shopy: It is the mobile application that allows you to interact with your customers by publishing campaigns and challenges that you create and live the experience what we can “offer hunt”.


Platform, developed entirely by Kayten Technology engineers, Proximity Desk management system is a proactive system that sends content about your product and services to your potential customers when they are near your business. The data entered into the system displayed to your customer based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) kBeacon devices placed in your business location and the Shopy mobile application that your customers download to their mobile devices.


Don't miss your potential customers!


The smart algorithm developed by Kayten is used to analyze the interests of potential customers and inform them about the products and services that are most likely to be purchased. Thus, you can make the walking traffic turn into sales by encouraging them to enter the store.


In addition, you can instantly forward your offers to the people entering your store or your business based on the dwell time and time of review of the product, so you can encourage them to buy.


The easy-to-use interface, developed specifically for marketing professionals, gives you a new and effective marketing experience thanks to the ability to integrate into existing systems used in businesses.


Increase your sales up to twice!


Marketing researches have shown that companies using location-based marketing techniques effectively and efficiently have doubled their sales. You can also provide location based communication to your customers with this system, and increase your sales.



2) Inventory Tracking System


In parallel with the increasing variety of products in our age, company stock and inventory movements increase in the same proportion. This situation requires an efficient inventory tracking system that provides instant data about the products.


Instant data, maximum performance…


Thanks to the new possibilities offered by technology, processes based on manpower such as product count, stock information and inventory tracking, can now be executed automatically and instant interventions can be realized.


With Kayten Inventory Tracking System, you can find out the stock status of the product produced, at which stage and where it is in real time.


3) Employee Tracking System


In order to provide occupational health and safety, many companies, especially those with a high risk group, have begun to use various methods to protect both their employees and their businesses. There are also many regulations that give employers important responsibilities.


It is possible to prevent the problems that may occur and follow the efficiency of your employees from a single platform through the Employee Tracking System provided by Kayten Technology.


Safe workplace, efficient employees…


It is a system that identifies the positions of the employees within the determined time periods in the designated locations, informs the violations in the areas that are dangerous to enter or subject to special authorization and provides instant information transfer in the case of emergency. Kayten combines the occupational health and safety system with technology to ensure the health of your employees while at the same time creating a safe working environment.


4) Static Content Service


Nowadays, conventional content presentation methods are replaced by interactive systems that give priority to innovative and user experience. Kayten's Static Content Service will be your greatest help in micro locations where you need to deliver content to many people at the same time, such as museums, fairs and event areas.


Your content is more effective than ever…


We provide you to share a more detailed, effective and complete content about your product in the exhibition or a work you exhibit in the museum that meets your visitors expectations. It is very easy with Kayten technologies to offer a one touch unique content interaction experience to your customers or visitors.


5) Child Tracking System


Increased population, growing cities and environmental conditions bring security risks together. This situation requires parents to protect their children against the dangers that may occur in their daily life.


A moment of carelessness in crowded and public places such as shopping malls, parks, playgrounds, and city centers can lead to irreparable problems. When we consider that the number of missing children is more than 27 thousand according to research data (TUIK's 2008-2011), it reveals the ciriticality of how important this issue is.


With new technologies my child is safe…


The problem of child safety, which has become a growing threat in the modern age, can be overcome with developing technology and allows parents to spend time with their children with peace of mind.


This system works with a micro beacon transmitter that you will attach to your child's bag, clothes or wrist allows you to prevent the hazards by informing you by means of a smart phone when your child goes beyond the specified safe distance. With Kayten's child tracking system, both your child and you enjoy a safe life.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile devices, which started to enter our lives in the early 90s, have transformed into smart devices and become an indispensable part of our lives. The rapid development of the mobile and online world caused the acceleration of access to information and made it a necessity for individuals and even for companies to keep up with this world.


With this development of mobile devices, applications that are compatible with relevant platforms (iOS, Android), can utilize the hardware features of the smart devices and designed specifically for them have quickly taken place in this world.

How do I integrate my company into the mobile world?

The selection of business partner in mobile software area, which is an area open to improvement for both users and companies, is critical. Kayten, which provides innovative and specific applications to the world brands with its expert engineers and original software infrastructure, offers custom solutions at all stages of the mobile application development process shaped according to the requirements of your company and expectations of the users. Would you like to open the doors of the mobile world together? We're as far away as a phone call.



As a requirement of today's informatics era, firms' adaptation to developing technologies and integrating these technologies into business processes have great importance in terms of staying competitive. Marketing researches show that companies with technological superiority will be ahead of their competitors in the future market. The difference between the technologies to be applied, the market, the product and the business processes, makes it inevitable to get accurate and continuous consultancy services for the companies that want to make technology investments in this direction.


How do I carry my company to the future?


Concepts such as IoT (Internet of Things), Embedded Systems and Micro-Locations have become an indispensable part of commercial life. Classic and bulky infrastructures are now insufficient to meet the needs of companies.


Kayten, with its experiences staff and accumulation, provides the companies that are prepared for the future to reach the right technology and make the right investments in all these processes. Hereby, it avoids false or unnecessary technological investments. If you want your company to be integrated into the world of tomorrow, perhaps it is time to get together and discuss. The solution is not far away. Contact us for more information.

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