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Automotive Solutions

“While your phones are smart

Why not your cars be smart?”


Nowadays, we are witnessing an increasing interaction between all technological devices with each other. Thanks to the Connected Car concept emerged with the developing technology, our cars, indispensable parts of everyday life, will now work in connection with many devices, and thus make our lives easier. For example; our car will know what time we leave the house and will start on itself to warm the engine, or it will automatically adjust the driving distance by interacting with other vehicles. Even in a breakdown in your car, it will contact the nearest road assistance unit to inform the situation without you taking any action and will save you a lot of trouble.


AUTOSAR standards solutions


AUTOSAR is a consortium that brings together automotive companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota and Continental in order to prevent the development of the same or similar software components multiple times and to standardize these components.


Kayten, with the sectoral experience gained in the field of automotive solutions in line with ISO 26262 standard by maintaining the AUTOSAR standards; develops systems that can make complex systems and control units functionally ready for use and can test the results of the systems produced within the framework of end-to-end software.


With our expertise in AUTOSAR and Embedded Systems we offer you custom solutions!


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