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Kayten, with its reliable and innovative business structure, is a service provider that provides solutions, consulting services and integrable technologies for its customers.


Our services started by our founder Tahir Tenbih in Böblingen, Germany in 2007. In 2013 with our office at Erciyes University Technopark in Turkey, we continue serving in both countries.


Kayten Technology, as of 2018, a total of 30 employees, 90% of which are engineers, is a solution provider that gives value to its employees with a focus on development and solution oriented approach and allocates a significant portion of its income to R & D activities.


In addition to the knowledge and experience gained in the sectors it serves, it fully meets the needs of the customers with engineers and analysts who are experts on their fields and offers the services needed from Embedded Systems to Location-Based IT solutions for many years without interruption.


Tomorrow's technology ...

In all these processes, Kayten, with its creative, solution-oriented and need-oriented working principles, develops the technology of tomorrow for you and applies it to business processes.

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